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Get Outside!

November 17, 2017 - Eco-Explorers, Latest

As our 1st session of Eco-Explorers comes to an end, it is a great time to look back over a fantastic fall!  Over 20 schools participated in Eco-Explorers this fall, reaching over 200 students.  We spent our afternoons solving science mysteries and learning outdoor survival skills.  Each morning we woke up to beautiful scenery captured by our nature photographers.  All of these things allowed us to explore nature any time of day!  This fall also welcomed the very first edition of our newsletter, The Echo.  Check it out here:


As the holiday season quickly approaches, our Eco-Explorers staff is grateful for the opportunity to spend time outside in nature educating students about the many benefits gained by simply being outside.  Spending time outside increases our focus and creativity!  It boosts our immune system and decreases our feeling of stress or anxiety.  Scientists recommend spending at least 5 hours a month in nature.  Don’t forget to #optoutside on Friday, November 24th!

We are looking forward to Session 2, starting in December!  This winter students will be discussing biodiversity, natural disasters and microscopic worlds!