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Fort Meade Air Force

July 15, 2016 - Irvine Volunteers

Earlier this year, Eagle Scout Caleb Hobby replaced the floor of Irvine’s education hut. The final step of the makeover was to install a new roof – but we needed a team of volunteers that were up for the job! In came 10 volunteers from the Air Force’s Fort Meade base.

The education hut was first built by an Americorps team to be used for camp, school field trips, and preschool students. They used as many recycled materials as possible to be eco-friendly. They installed a roof made of corrugated board, but it couldn’t hold up to the elements over time. Irvine decided to go with a more durable metal roof for the makeover.

The Air Force team quickly removed the old roofing and added stabilizers for the heavier metal roof. Unfortunately, a storm rolled in before it could be installed – we thought it might be a bad idea to be up on a metal roof with all the thunder and lightning!

Thank you to the Fort Meade Air Force team!