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Beauty in the Hollow

January 13, 2015 - Latest

A new art exhibit will be on display at Irvine until March 14, 2015.

Artist Beckie Lamborn incorporates nature and her teaching to create a variety of whimsical and beautiful works. Most recently her collections of nature photos have been mounted in hollow logs she has found while hiking. The photos are mostly of local wildlife from Beckie’s walks in Stevenson, Md., and she calls this collection “Beauty in the Hollow.” Additional photos are mounted on wood with acrylic accents that bring added interest to the content of the photos.

Beckie's "Fox Under Ornamental Cherry" combines photography and natural objects.

Beckie’s “Fox Under Ornamental Cherry” combines photography and natural objects.

Another group of Beckie’s paintings on display has sprung from her love of life drawing and years of elementary teaching at nearby McDonogh School. The work is a whimsical combination of colorful paints, shapes and textures, with spoonfuls of dripped  paint to draw outlines and figures.

Because the dripping of paint from a spoon has to be done in a free flowing motion, and there is little control, the outcomes end up being a pleasant surprise depicting subtle and hidden impressions of animals and nature.

Come out to visit Irvine’s Exhibit Hall and Fern Rooms to take in some really spectacular art!

For more information on exhibiting at Irvine, browse our nature art page.