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Owls: Hunters of the Sky

December 21, 2016 - Latest, Urban Education

Recently, Irvine’s screech owl took a trip to visit one of Hamilton’s 4th grade classes. She was helping Ms. Katie teach the class about owls and their adaptations.


In class, they went over the characteristics of owls such as large eyes, camouflage, and talons. The students also learned more about needs for survival and predator/prey relationships through a game. For example, a Great Horned Owl is a predator to a Screech Owl.

Now for the best part of the lesson!

Owl pellet dissections! Owl pellets are the parts of the owl’s food that can’t be digested and so it is regurgitated. Pellets can contain bones, fur, feathers, and exoskeletons, depending on the diet.


The class got to be scientists and take apart the pellets to see what the owl ate.

Later, a student passed along their reflection of the class. Their reflection is listed below in a drawing of an owl.


A student’s reflection on the experience of learning about owls.


Overall, this class was fun, informative, and surely something these Hamilton students won’t forget so quickly.