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1st Annual Volunteer Day of Service: A Day to Give Back

September 11, 2013 - Irvine Volunteers, Latest

Irvine Nature Center held our 1st Annual Volunteer Day of Service: A Day to Give Back today! The Obama Administration deemed September 11th a National Day of Service & Remembrance and, in accordance, Irvine Nature Center staff and volunteers got outside and made a stunning impact!

Staff and volunteers pulled weeds and spruced up the fire circle and Native American Three Sisters Garden, cleared plants and weeds away from the Way Finding sign posts, picked up the old tree tubes from our forest restoration project, and cleared the invasive Japanese Stiltgrass away from the edges of the boardwalk trail! Check out the pictures from the event below!

Although the day was very hot, it was a great opportunity to get outdoors and serve the community! Thank you to the staff, Wally, Rob, Valerie, Karen, Courtney, Steve, Claire, Beth Lacey, and Brooks, and volunteers, Allen, Moe, Jann, and the BVU GIVE group, Andy, Ben, Brad, and Dylan, who came out to help, and we hope to see many more next year!