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BB&T Lighthouse Project

July 16, 2016 - Irvine Volunteers

BB&T’s Lighthouse Project provides corporate support to nonprofits through financial donations and the volunteer service of their associates. This spring, hard-working associates from BB&T completed a Lighthouse Project at Irvine.

Irvine hosts dozens of camp outs each year, between grant-funded camping, Summer Nature Camp, and school and scout programs. Additionally, our campsite can be rented by the public. With only one campsite, we were running low on room – in came the Lighthouse Project! After a generous donation from BB&T, Irvine purchased the necessary supplies to build a platform in our back meadow. This new feature will provide additional camping space and encourage exploration further out onto the property.

The design for the platform was an elongated rectangle consisting of 2 rows of 4 modules. On a rainy day in May, the first team of associates worked on cutting the lumber down to size. They then constructed a module to to serve as a sample for the next team. In June, the second team visited to get down to work! The associates helped transport the lumber down to the site, and then began construction! Despite the muggy weather, the team was in high spirits and finished 2 more modules.

Thank you to the associates of BB&T for their hard work and generous donation!