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Fall Fun!

Fall was full of fun for the Eco-Explorers club! In Fantastic Fossils, students learned about dinosaurs and performed many hands-on experiments and activities including fossil making, fizzy egg  Continue Reading »

Harvest Moon

The Harvest Moon By Rose Brusaferro “For the child… it is not half so important to know as to feel.” – Rachel Carson We used September to get  Continue Reading »

Back To School!

Back To School! by Meghan deKozlowski Summer has faded and The Nature Preschool is back in session! We are excited for another year of adventure and growth! The  Continue Reading »

Every Leaf Speaks Bliss To Me, Fluttering From the Autumn Tree…

  Forest Dreamers are poets of the forest! We explored the trails of our beloved Irvine with a song in our hearts! We heard  and created beautiful stories inspired by  Continue Reading »