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What’s Hatching?

March 2, 2013 - Preschool Weekly

an unlikely hide away making a life-size nest outside making nests in the sensory table our yarn nest helpers hang on trees eggs under the log Which animals need to hatch? egg shells on our egg shell art project preying mantis egg case hatching our eggs! keeping the eggs warm! hiding our eggs hiding our eggs beatuiful little nest our little clay nest nestled in a nest exploring the winter meadow creating a nest

This Week’s Adventures: We discovered things that will be hatching this spring from all kinds of strange eggs!

Favorite Activities:
We searched for eggs in the water, trees, grass and under logs. We sculpted our own nest with eggs and stitched nest helpers using scrap yarn. We hid our own eggs (tennis balls) in the meadow and placed them in grassy nests – then we attempted to hatch the eggs! We compared the jelly-like eggs of amphibians to the leathery pouch-like eggs of reptiles and hard shelled eggs of birds. There is no shortage of eggs to learn about!

Next’s Week’s Theme: If I was a Snake (“Ss”)

Try this at home: Look for nests in the trees or clusters of eggs in a stream or pond. Turn over logs or rocks to find insect eggs. (Just remember not to disturb them! Always gently place logs and rocks back where you find them.)