October 7, 2011 - Preschool Weekly

This Week’s Adventures: We learned that animals and people can leave behind clues as they move about.  We were “nature detectives” and discovered many of these clues.

Raccoon tracks on the trail!

Favorite Activities: We learned that “C” is for clue, caterpillar, and other words, too.  We used our imaginations during a special sensory story at circle time and did a track matching game. We counted, measured, and drew animal clues and shapes during our hike.  We found: deer tracks, raccoon tracks, a feather, holes, chewed acorns and walnuts, spider webs, and tons of “Wally tracks” (Mr. Wally’s tractor tracks!).

Next’s Week’s Theme: Ready for the Harvest

Try this at home: Go on a shape hunt in your back yard or at a local park.  Take pictures of the shapes you find and make a book or photo collage.  Label each shape or make up a story to go with the pictures, enjoy reading together.  Some children may want to write the shape words themselves!

We used our senses to guess the mystery animal clue in the box.

People leave tracks, too. Sometimes fingers, sometimes toes!