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Rabbits and Raindrops

March 23, 2012 - Preschool Weekly


This Week’s Adventures: We delighted in Spring as we learned about emerging plants and animals in Spring. We made raindrop paintings and flowers. We searched for spring wildflowers and even came across some snakes! We watched a bird banding demonstration to see how we can track where birds go each season. We loved playing “rabbits in the hole” and “rabbit tag”, too. We also found our inner peace as we did yoga with Miss Jen. It was a sunny week of fun and a great way to celebrate the onset of Spring!

Next’s Week’s Theme: If I Were a Snake… (focus on “Vv” for vertebrate)

Try this at Home: Make a splash! Don your rainboots and have a puddle jumping contest with your family! Who is the most muddy? Wettest? Sings the best puddle-juming songs? Give prizes and adorn your fridge with puddle-jumping awards to celebrate spring rain!