February 24, 2012 - Preschool Weekly

This Week’s Adventures: We discovered trees in winter and how some tree sap can be delicious this time of year.Favorite Activities: We enjoyed searching for trees with holes from woodpeckers and counting how many trees were tapped with buckets along the trail. We tasted the sap and met taxidermy specimens of woodpeckers, too. We loved using the hand drill to drill into logs the same way people can tap maple trees. We made glittery “Ss” on sap droplets and beautiful twig bouquets to celebrate the season. Our music-making was inspired by woodpeckers drilling for sap.

Next’s Week’s Theme: Food in the Garden (focus on letter “Ff”)

Try this at Home: Compare different branches to determine which have alternate branching (twigs alternate side to side on the branch) or opposite branching (twigs are on either side of the twig and form a “V” as seen on maple tree twigs). Sketch or trace your twigs!Woodpeckers tap on trees and find insects in sweet sap. Their musical tapping inspired us to make music in the forest!