January 20, 2012 - Preschool Weekly

This Week’s Adventures: We learned about owls that hoot in the night.

Favorite Activities: We loved meeting the barred owl with Miss Laura and learning about how it uses its call in the night. The feather guessing jar was a fun way to count and measure, too. We loved doing print-making to create an owl with patterned wings. We experimented with feathers on the trail to see which colors would camouflage the best as well. The owl pellet was also a real hoot!

Next’s Week’s Theme: Whose Tracks? (Focus on letter “Dd”)

Try this at Home: Transform a brown grocery bag into an owl! Cut out holes for your head and arms. Then draw or paint designs on the body. If you have feathers, glue some on! Hit the recycle bin to cut out two sturdy wings – glue them onto the brown bag. Viola! You can be an owl, too!