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Counting to Winter

December 19, 2011 - Preschool Weekly

This Week’s Adventures: We counted everything in sight!

Favorite Activities: We looked for numbers along the trail and created some of our own using twigs and vines. We counted different groups of things like stones, seeds, logs, mushrooms or tracks. We had fun finding the “matching mittens” in the meadow and asking “what time is it Mrs. Fox?” Beechnut, Irvine’s resident hedgehog, made a special appearance and students tried to guess the number of quills on his prickly body.

Next’s Week’s Theme: Magical Winter (letter “Ii”)

Try this at Home: Count pennies into sets of five and ten. How many sets of five pennies does it take to make a nickel? Dime? Quarter? Go outside to gather up acorns or other plentiful seeds to make your own kind of natural coins. Use markers to write numbers on the acorns to represent values.