March 15, 2013 - Preschool Weekly

This Week’s Adventures: We learned all about turtles!

Favorite Activities: We got to meet a diamondback terrapin and compared its features to a box turtle. We pretended to move like turtles and acted out how box turtles protect themselves. We decorated our own turtle vests by printing scale patterns on them with egg cartons. We loved getting muddy like aquatic turtles at the stream. We loved acting out “How the Turtle Got its Long Neck” as a puppet show. We created mini-turtles sculptures and reptile bingo was also a hit!

Next’s Week’s Theme: Make Way for Frogs (“Ff”)

Try this at home: Use a paper bowl turned upside-down to make your own turtle!

creating a turtle sand turtle? building a turtle on the light table worms! hiking at the stream sewing table lovely sewn designs turtle paintings and drawings meeting the diamondback terrapin touching the terrapin shell! exploring by the stream exploring the stream water is flowing!