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The Nature Preschool Blog is Here!

August 29, 2011 - About this Blog..., Preschool News

Welcome to The Nature Preschool blog! This is where we post weekly updates to fill you in on our learning adventures. Here’s what you will find:

This Week’s Adventures: Here’s where we’ll share the topic and goal of the week.

Favorite Activities: This will highlight our best-loved activities throughout the week. There are always too many to list, so be sure to ask your child to share more!

Next’s Week’s Theme: You get the idea…

Try this at home: This is the MOST important section. I hope you read and do some of the suggested activities here. These are intended to reinforce and extend your child’s new knowledge. They can usually be done with the whole family, so dig in and enjoy.

Lastly, we love photos. And videos. And artwork. Sharing images helps us celebrate what we do. We take photos every week and will share them here for all to see. But please feel free to share photos of your little learners at home learning and exploring nature.