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The Mammal In Me!

September 18, 2015 - Preschool, Preschool Weekly

Our second week and The Nature Preschool has already settled in! This week the children continued sharing more about themselves and all the classes are starting to feel very familiar to the children! Friendships have blossomed and old relationships have grown!

Inside the classroom the children stayed busy during imagination stations! We continued to share summer photos, and some of the classes had live animal encounters at circle time! The Coyotes and Foxes met the only mammal we currently care for at Irvine, Kiri the hedgehog! (Psst… We hear a possum is coming soon!)

This week the classes all had the chance to explore the new trail at Irvine! There is a new, extra large fairy ring and a spot for building tipis! The Chipmunks and Foxes took out their class puppets and built shelters for them and the other woodland creatures! The Chipmunks picked their class tree, and thoughtfully named him, Ironman! From there they used maps and compasses to look for fairy treasure! Maybe we will spot some fairies on the trail next week!

The meadow is a favorite spot for the Preschool. The Rabbit class had fun blowing milk weed fluff in the meadow! The Rabbits and Flying Squirrel made grass soup and potions! To add a dramatic flair, the Flying Squirrels came up with ideas of what the potion would change them into and acted it out! The Bears love to go on long hikes and they are very interested in milkweed! The meadow is the perfect place to find milkweed! So they often stop there to ask questions and observe! The classes also visited the Wetlands trail! We looked for animal tracks in the mud, built shelters and had some serious wild nature play!

The Flying Squirrels visited the Woodland Garden to play an awesome game Miss Meghan and Mrs. Sophie created for the preschool! We painted stones, hid them, the children picked a card with a color, and they had to find the matching stone! They loved it so much they played twice, and all the other classes had to try it out! Thank you for sharing!

Next week we will be exploring the signs of the fading summer season! How do we know the season is about to change? We can’t wait to find out!

-The Nature Preschool at Irvine