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That’s a Wrap!- Forest Dreamers “Changing Winds Ceremony” and Memories

December 20, 2018 - Forest Dreamers, Preschool

We have had a fantastic 13 weeks of Forest Dreamers! These groups came together to make some awesome memories and discoveries! Looking back, we realize that we have covered so much as the seasons have changed here at Irvine!

We started off with the meadows covered in milkweed, golden rod, and monarchs…to end with a silence and calmness that can only be found during the winter months. We started our year exploring the streams and ponds, rolling over rocks and logs…to end with chipping away at the inch think ice and looking for a glimpse of a wintering tadpole! We arrived in shorts, t-shirts, and LOTS of bug spray…to end in hats, gloves, and winter jackets! This semester has been 13 weeks of change and it has been fantastic 🙂

We started our last class with our children reminiscing about places we have gone and experiences we have made! When we gathered for our Changing Winds Ceremony , we shared these items with our families and added them to our Forest Dreamer tree.  We also made something to give back to Irvine, some fruit garland for the birds as they prepare for winter. I can not thank your families enough for entrusting us with their children these 13 weeks and I hope that we (Irvine) have left them with a love and appreciating for the outdoors!