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Wet, Wild and Wormy

May 6, 2016 - Preschool, Preschool Weekly

The weather this week as reminded Nature Preschool how important rain is to transform the spring forest! There is so much green to be seen! Spice bush leaves are speckled with raindrops as they limit our sight through the emerging brush. With rain, comes mud and worms, two of Nature Preschool’s favorite things! This week the children naturally gravitated towards mud painting, cooking in the mud kitchen and worm collecting. Children scurried about with fistfuls of worms! Don’t worry, we know how to handle worms with gentle hands! We observed how they wiggle and the trails they leave behind in the mud! We dug stubborn worms from tunnels in the ground and talked about how they help increase the amount of air and water in soil and break down leaves and grasses!

Check out all the wild, wormy fun we had in our picture galleries below.

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