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Spring Has Sprung!

April 17, 2015 - Preschool, Preschool Weekly

The Nature Preschool at Irvine couldn’t be more excited about the arrival of Spring! We have welcomed the warm showers and soaked up the spring sunshine with open arms! What kind of changes do you notice when we enter this new season? The changes in spring have been a huge part of our lessons the past two weeks. Here at Irvine the changes are easy to see! New life is popping up everyday! The once barren branches are now speckled with green buds. The forest is alive with the sounds of creatures that have become active after a long spring. While walking the trails we noticed our first perennials, bloodroot, blossoming! The vibrant green has returned to the meadow and brought the insects out of hiding!

With this beautiful warm weather, the children could not wait to get into the stream! We had to tread carefully because there were wood frog eggs in the water! The children used fallen logs to build bridges to cross to an area where it was safer to get in the water and explore! There we found crayfish, salamanders, snails, frogs, and tadpoles! Some classes were lucky enough to visit later in the week and see the wood frog eggs hatching!

Check out all the fun we had below!