As snow melted and the temperature started getting warmer Nature Preschool  explored the changes in the late winter season. Did the groundhog see his shadow? We hope not, because we are ready to spot signs of spring! On the trail we used our senses to find animal tracks, mud, ice; a little bit of everything! We especially loved sledding in the meadow, building snow creatures and throwing snowballs at trees!

Our favorite moments this week:

-The Flying Squirrels went fishing in the sandbox, listening to nature, and observing what melt and what didn’t at circle time
-The Bears created  huge slush puddles, building forts outside, and observed how color disperses differently in hot and cold water!
-The Chipmunks found deer, raccoon, and fox tracks on the trails!
-The Foxes met a grey tree frog and learned how they survive through the winter.
-The Coyotes has special story times with birthday visitors, built a nature snowman, and met up with the Chipmunks in the outdoor classroom!
-The Rabbits built an alien snow creature and melted ice with their body heat