March 22, 2014 - Preschool Weekly

How do The Nature Preschool students discover spring? Here’s what we were up to this week, the first official week of spring:

  • We visited the stream and sloshed our way through the mud – even getting stuck in all this melting snow
  • We made nests in the meadow to mimic what many animals are starting to do
  • We soaked up sunshine in the meadow while lying on blankets
  • We journaled in the meadow taking inspiration from the bird song, fresh sprouts and buds
  • We painted paper eggs that “hatch” to reveal an animal
  • With enough winter snow to close school on Monday, we made a snowfriend onTuesday and Wednesday and enjoyed beautiful windy spring days Thursday and Friday!
  • We used pipettes with colored water on raindrops and on snow outside
  • Families shared spring traditions with the Tulip Poplar class – the Irish soda bread was delicious!
  • We created windy weather paintings by blowing through straws
  • We danced like the wind with scarves
  • We began a spring scavenger hunt – we hope to check off all the spring signs in the coming weeks!




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