October 6, 2016 - Preschool, Preschool Weekly

The Nature Preschool welcomes Fall with open arms! We have embarked on many adventures to discover the changes that are occurring as the weather begins to cool down. Have you seen the leaves begin to change? Have you noticed the animals collecting food for the winter?

Last week our classes were able to sport their rain jackets and rain boots in the biggest rain event we’ve had yet this school year! Mud pies fresh out of the oven, autumn olive soup and harvest stew were hot items on the little chef’s menus. Puddle splashing and worm searching were other class favorites. Needless to stay our little one’s did not stay clean very long!

We were happy to see the sunshine this week and spent as much time as we could outdoors. We discussed the fall harvest and the different types of animals, fruits and vegetables we may see on our farm field trip. The kids enjoyed singing a farm song where they could sound like animals. If you would like to sing it at home it goes like this…

“I went to visit a farm one day, I saw a ________ across the way and what do you think I heard it say…”

We had a great time visiting farmer Stan and farmer Wayne! These two funny characters taught us many things about corn, pumpkins, gourds and squash! We also went through a challenging corn maze and played a fun pumpkin relay! Thank you Maryland Ag Center for a fun filled day!


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