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Second Week Stride

September 16, 2016 - Preschool, Preschool Weekly

Summer has started to show signs it is coming to an end. Thankfully, our year at Nature Preschool is just beginning! The classes quickly found their stride and the children were ready to explore  new areas on the trails and in the forest. They brought their nature journals to some of Irvine’s most special spots: one class got cozy in the Woodland Garden, others looked to the meadow for colorful inspiration and others trekked to the wetlands to paint with mud!

The different classroom insects (and arachnids)  have been influencing much of our learning this past week. Movement activities naturally evolve when you are a “hopping cricket” or a “fluttering butterfly”! The children make extra personal connections to their class critter if they discover them in nature. If you are in the spider class, stumbling across  a web is a treasured discovery!  Other treasures on the trail this week were acorns, the first colored leaves to fall, multitudes of meadow grass and holey leaves that had us saying, “Crunch, munch, caterpillar lunch.”

Every day at Nature Preschool is an adventure! Explore the galleries below to see all the fun we had this past week.

In Fading Summer,

Nature Preschool at Irvine Nature Center

Outdoor Exploration

Discoveries in Nature

In the Classroom