This week, the Forest Dreamers have been feasting their eyes on all the colors of the rainbow! While some colors, like green, are easy to find, a color like orange takes a little bit of extra hunting! This lesson speaks to our previous week when we talked of small details. Some things that look brown, actually have some orange in them! Some things that we didn’t even think had colors actually did (like lichen blue!)

Our week started with a color hunt. We searched the amphitheater for each color. We soon realized that the amphitheater is a really difficult place to find colors other than green and brown. It took a stealthy eye to find them all… and with group effort, we did! Ms. Sophie had a really great idea that we should rival Crayola and come up with a new signature color. We each mixed our own special blend and came up with our own special color. It was a very relaxing experience!

We then learned of the Legend of the Seven Trunked Tree! Legend has it, that if one cuts through a special spot near the meadow, they can enter the seven trunked tree and magically appear on Bauer Preserve’s property. We had to do a bit of bushwhacking, but lo and behold! We found the seven trunked tree! The class even wrote a story about the journey:

  Skunk Cabbage Stink

by Forest Dreamers

Through the stream and into the skunk cabbage

We walked through a lot of prickle bushes to get to the seven trunk tree

It was hard!

The ground was squishy wet

We picked purple flowers- Whoops! It was Ms. Paula’s fault

It was really really awesome.

Thursday’s chill kept us from frolicking in the meadow as we had planned. I’d say it was more of a slosh and muck through the meadow. At the Ed Hut, we read a story called My World of Color by Margaret Wise . We each chose a color that spoke to us and created a simile about the color.

Green as a Ms. Paula’s jacket

Purple as a bag

Yellow as an Ethan and Oliver

Red as a rose

Orange as her flowers

Brown as a tree trunk

 Gray as the sky today

We gave dead flower heads new life by painting them with beautiful colors for our mothers as well as a snazzy little mad lib letter! Together, with friends and family, we are a rainbow of people with a rainbow of talents and interests. Ms. Sophie and Ms. Paula hope that each one of you will shine your colors wherever you may roam (we also hope that you shine extra brightly for mom on Sunday!).

Shine on, Forest Rainbows!