November 21, 2014 - Preschool, Preschool Weekly

Everyone was excited to start a new week, especially knowing that class campfires were soon to come! Monday’s rain started us off in a different direction! We headed to one of our favorite spots during rainy days… the stream! Some of the children reenacted “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” underneath the bridge. Mrs. Sophie started out as the troll and that soon became the highly sought after role! Some of the other classes headed up the stream a bit and worked together to build a dam! Beaver logs were easy to identify since we have practiced sorting different sized logs for the campfire! A team of 7 boys worked together to pick up a fallen tree, carry it to the river, and lay it across to form a bridge! They were so proud of themselves! Another class, after making mud pies, tried to follow the stream to see where it ended. To their surprise, they could not find it! This stream must run much farther than we imagined!

Some of our favorite moments this week were spent around the fire! Mrs. Monica W. told us a folktale about why turtles started to hibernate! The children got to help contribute to the story, and their ideas brought lots of laughter and smiles to our campfire! The children were excited to sing “This Little Light Of Mine”, a song we have practiced all week at circle time in preparation. The teachers also taught everyone a new song about beavers! It had lots of silly actions and dancing which just added to the fun!

For homework this week, the children decorated hearts and wrote what they were thankful for! This sparked lots of conversations about the things and people we love. We are all looking forward to some time spent at home with those closest to our hearts! Enjoy it!