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One World, Many Languages

December 7, 2012 - Preschool Weekly

stories from the seashell beautiful fall morning a closer look at the grasses








This Week’s Adventures: We explored how people and animals communicate. Our focus was on body language, vocalizations and speech.

Favorite Activities: We loved having visits from bilingual parents that shared Urdu and Hindi language with us. We also enjoyed practicing new ways to greet one another in many other languages. From making flags to singing songs in other languages, we celebrated language and many of the rich traditions brought to America from other countries.

Next’s Week’s Theme: Read All About It

Try this at home: When you are at the library or park, do you hear people speak languages other than English?

preschooler with flag map where's "W"? climbing getting a closer look what's in the vernal pool? searching in the water I love this pond! sploshing in the pond enjoying a mild fall daya visit to the wigwam

people paper chain gathering sticks Queen Sophie exploring a wet path mud and sticks like salt and pepper muddy exploration reading at the fire ring

peek-a-boo!our world suncatcher