Nature Preschool learned all about nesting this week! What animals are creating nests right now? What do they use them for? Where can we find them? Outside the children were on the lookout for nests, burrows and lairs. We spotted squirrel nests high in the tree tops, found chipmunk and vole burrows, and even spotted some twig nests nestled in the spice bushes along the trail! Spring sunshine warmed our hearts and lifted our spirits. It also brought Irvine to life! It unearthed spring mud -which is a Nature Preschool favorite. We also enjoyed the active wild life. We observed the busy birds and spotted robins, mourning doves, red-winged blackbirds, nuthatches,  sparrows, cardinals, blue jays and more!

Some of our favorite moments this week:
– The Rabbits enjoyed checking out the bluebird nest boxes to see if “anyone” was home. They took tools outside. They used the measuring tape to measure items found on the trail and scissors to trim invasive pricker bushes!
-The Flying Squirrels used “observation goggles” to find nest and took a “nature minute” to silently listen to nature. They acted as “nature kid explorers” and found animal prints, chew marks on bark and spotted tons of birds!
-The Foxes explored the wetlands trail and found a new spot in the stream. They met the red tailed hawk and visited the bird blind and observed several busy birds.
-On an extra windy day the Bears explored the animals and activities in Irvine’s exhibit hall! They learned about nocturnal animals and saw the turtles!
-The Coyotes used egg shaker maracas to sing songs about nests and eggs! They enjoyed exploring a wooded area dividing the meadows and found mud, blue jay feathers, woodpeckers holes and more!
-The Chipmunks made a variety of their own nests (in the sensory bin, in baskets, in kid-sized boxes, on the arts table, outside and in a milk chocolate snack!) The practiced their weaving skills on an old baby gate and played a game of hot egg (instead of hot potato). Outside they used windy days to have a feather races and fly recycled kites.

We are excited for more nesting next week! In the mean time, check out all the fun we had this week in our galleries below.

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