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Late Summer Treasures

September 23, 2016 - Preschool Weekly

From muddy puddles to clear blue skies, it has been a gorgeous week in the Nature Preschool!  Late summer treasures were the favorite topic of the preschool classes- the preschoolers took to the trails, collecting seeds and leaves in their pails. As we prepare to say goodbye to summer, we welcome fall with open arms.

Preschoolers continue to delight in the discoveries they make in nature. Whether it’s picking poke berries, observing a turtle in its shell or finding the Letter of the Week on a trail sign, there is a growing sense of community and wonder as we learn together! It is a joy to observe the children challenge themselves as they climb logs, scramble up creek beds and balance on rocks. They are becoming more and more confident with the preschool routine and with themselves!

Preschoolers searched for their class tree, a special tree to watch throughout the year! Some classes explored and sang about the different ways we can interact with our trees- we use our five senses to experience nature! What is the name of your preschooler’s class tree!?


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