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Forest Dreamers Go Into Hibernation!

December 2, 2016 - Forest Dreamers

What a wonderful week it has been at the creek! Our whole week focused around the creek and its muddy majestic-ness! From straining to sliding to moss covered fairy houses, the Forest Dreamers have returned home caked in mud and smiles!

Tuesday was our second rainy day of the entire semester. We spent some time in our rain covered sit spots and listened to the drips and drops, and caught hanging water droplets that clung onto the bare spicebush branches like a string of Christmas lights (This was a child’s poetic description!)

At the creek, some discovered a steep bank for sliding down. Ms. Sophie and Ms. Paula tried out the durability of their rain clothes on the slide! Others preferred to climb up with homemade grappling hooks ( a long stick with a hook like branch at the end of it).

Our soaked bodies made it to the barn to listen to some super funny poems from the book Dirt on my Shirt by Jeff Foxworthy. We discussed our Thanksgiving break time together and then read the poems in the book about some seriously wacky family members! We also talked about hibernation by reading a book called Time to Sleep by Denise Fleming. We also touched on migratory animals as well as animals that stay around the area and adapt their bodies to a colder climate.

Our last day was spent with some family visitors. We put on our last group performance as a class from the Time to Sleep story. We have really enjoyed acting out plays this season!

At the creek, we  travelled a but further and the FD worked cooperatively to make a beautiful mossy fairy garden complete with riverbank clay huts!

Ms. Sophie and Ms. Paula will truly miss our first ever Forest Dreamers experience! We wish you all Happy Holidays and a safe and healthy New Year. For those who are ending their journey with us, we hope you will have many fond memories of your time in the woods with family and friends! For those who will be returning to us, we will see you in March with a whole ‘new’ kind of forest to explore!

Carry on, our little Forest Dreamers!