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Forest Dreamer Tuesday/Thursday Class

October 1, 2018 - Forest Dreamers, Preschool

This past week in Forest Dreamers is the perfect example of plans NOT going how we (teachers) planned. In fact, I think the children had an even better time! We started off making our way to the Headwaters Trail and stopped for some “nature” ice cream…flavors being pickle, spice bush, chocolate cucumber, and ghost pepper! We were not brave enough to try the ghost pepper option.

We made our way down the Headwaters trial where we put on our “deer” ears listening for birds and other wildlife. We listened for a screech owl that was heard earlier in the week but sadly did not hear one. We did discover some animal tracks that we believe to be opossum! You be the judge!


We had planned for a quick trip to the stream but this is where we had to adjust our plans. We started looking for frogs and interestingly enough tadpoles in the murky water in the ponds by the access road. Before we knew it, some of our friends were submerged in the water, splashing and playing. Everyone agreed to stay and explore this area

Soon, a flat stick was discovered and the children took turns pushing it across the water. Our stick quickly became a ferry in need of cars. Several children searched out pebbles to balance on the stick for cars as they ferried it across the water. They added in new stops and took turns pushing as well as receiving. At one point, the stick stalled in the water and one of our friends had to wade in water to give it a push. He soon became the rescuer in the middle to aide when our ferry ran out of “fuel”. Sometimes he was a water monster that the kids tried to avoid! This balancing, playing, pushing and receiving, ferrying, and even avoiding the friendly water monster ended up entertaining our friends for well over an hour! What a fun day as Forest Dreamers!