March 27, 2015 - Preschool, Preschool Weekly

The Nature Preschool at Irvine went back in time to the Prehistoric Ages! The children came in with dinosaur puzzles, stories, games and loads of excitement! The classrooms were transformed with prehistoric activities ready and waiting to be explored. Some of our favorite activities included:
-Paper Maché Dinosaur Eggs – using newspaper and balloons or pine cones
-Fossil Ice Excavation – using mallets, salt, and golf tees to dig out fragments of shell and bone
-Prehistoric Sensory Bins – filled with tools, soil, sand, dinosaurs, rocks, and shells
-Nature Journaling – observing fossils, rocks and dinosaurs, then recreating what we saw in our nature journals
-Turning the loft into a cave where the children could make cave paintings and drawings on the walls!
– Our second visit with Mr. Danny! He brought two new puppet friends to help the children brainstorm about their emotions and how to solve problems with one another!

During discussions we asked questions like, “What was some of the first life on Earth?” and “How do we know about that life now?” The children got to act as paleontologists, scientist who study fossils! Outside our favorite activities included:
-Taking backpacks to the wetland trail and using a variety of tools to explore and search for fossils
-Finding dinosaur bones in the meadow and rearranging them into a dinosaur skeleton
-Using brushes and magnifying glasses to uncover and observe dinosaur bones in the Woodland Garden and the outdoor classroom
-Finding giant frozen dinosaur eggs on the trails and building nests for them in the meadow
-Taking toy dinosaurs out on the trails to inspire some prehistoric play outside
-Taking care of real eggs eggs for the day and building them safe nests outside