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April 8, 2016 - Preschool, Preschool Weekly

Nature Preschool had a blast from the prehistoric past this week! It all started when our planet was first formed and covered in oceans. We learned about how life developed over time, from  one celled organisms floating in water, to crazy mixed up creatures, to dinosaurs! What was Earth like when dinosaurs were alive? We channeled our inner paleontologists and studied fossils, went on an excavation and recorded our findings!

Some of our favorite class moments:
-The Fox class created a cave in the bottom of the loft and made cave paintings! They traced their hands with charcoal and left their mark like the earliest man. They hiked to the Wetland trail where they went on a hunt for dinosaur bones! They measured their discoveries with yard sticks. They found a jaw bone that was 17 inches long!
-The Flying Squirrels met Dinah the dinosaur! She lost her eggs on the trail and the children went out on a hunt! Once all the eggs were found they took them to the meadow and created nests for them from grasses, sticks and other natural materials. On Thursday they got caught in the rain and ran down the trails, laughing the whole way!
-The Bears made a timeline of the Prehistoric Era. Starting with the formation of Earth, to the period of one celled organisms, to the development of land,  to ice ages, dinosaurs, their extinction and the creation of man.
-The Rabbits traced their whole bodies in an egg shape. Watch out they may hatch! They also met a corn snake. Did you know that  67 million-year-old  fossils of a snake coiled around dinosaur eggs and a hatchling were recently discovered? This is evidence that snakes existed during the time of the dinosaurs!
-The Chipmunks enjoyed searching for dinosaur eggs in the meadow. They wrote a terrific class story about dinosaurs and then performed the dinosaur song for their parents. On the Vista Loop trail they  found what looked to be a brontosaurus neck and face hiding in the trees!

Even with the chillier temperatures, signs of Spring are all around us. We noticed blossoming flowers, blooming leaves and heard several active animals!

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