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Autumn Trees, Please!

November 14, 2014 - Preschool Weekly

The autumn woods were calling out to us this week! The children discovered how the forest is changing for fall through many different means of exploration. The children go wild for scavenger hunts, so we sent them out looking for signs of fall! They even got to practice their own mark making with clip boards and dry erase markers! We paid close attention to the trees. How are they different from when we first started school? One of our favorite activities was lying on our backs and looking up! The children drew their very own interpretation of the bare branches sprawled across the sky overhead. They  found some tree limbs that we took back into the classroom to string beads throughout its beautiful bowing branches! They also gathered the treasures dropped by the trees, (acorns and black walnuts) and rolled them through tubes, down hills, and then threw them in our sensory table for further exploration! We collected firewood and sorted the pieces into small (mouse tails), medium (chickadee perches) and large (beaver logs) piles. More fun is to come next week! We will build our first class campfires! We can’t wait!