September 28, 2012 - Preschool Weekly

This Week’s Adventures: Signs of animals are all around! This week we uncover animal secrets by following clues!

Favorite Activities:We loved making muddy boot tracks to show that we leave only footprints as our own clues on the trail. We also loved making little shelters from recycled boxes and camouflaging them in the woods. A science experiment ensued as we tried to predict whether or not animals would visit our shelters during the week, especially those with sunflower seeds and popcorn inside. Despite the rain (or maybe because of it!) our predictions were correct!

Next’s Week’s Theme: Community Helpers (letter “Ss”)

Try this at home: Look closely for clues animals have left in your yard or local park. Can you find a nibbled leaf? Chewed acorn? Cracked open seed? Smooshed, matted grass? Feathers?