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February 26, 2016 - Preschool, Preschool Weekly

After our Maple Magic Brunch, Nature Preschool was ready for more sweet, sappy fun! The children continued to explore the process of maple sugaring through creative play and hands on activities. Spring is starting to sneak up on us! We noticed changes to the trail like melting snow, budding branches and active wildlife.

Our favorite moments this week:
♦ The Bears were excited to go on one of their first long hikes since the snow storm! They hiked to gazebo, through the meadow and to the sugar shack at Irvine’s camp shelter to learn about maple sugaring.
♦ The Chipmunks are all about teamwork! They are famous for their encouraging chant, “Come together! Team forever!” This week they visited the tipi building area and had a blast. They gave it their all and worked together to build super tall standing structures.
♦ The Coyotes went to visit a favorite trail they hadn’t been on since before the snow storm. We headed to the wetlands and went out in the deep woods to explore. The children were excited to stumble across the stream in an unfamiliar spot! They heard hawks, woodpeckers and saw snakes!
♦ The Flying Squirrels took instruments outside. They used rhythm sticks to tap out songs inspired by our friends, the woodpeckers!
♦ The Foxes enjoyed hiking to the central meadow. They got up close and personal with huge flocks of red winged black birds and robins flying to the trees, circling back and feeding on the ground. It was a majestic sight!
♦ The Rabbits enjoyed hiking the entrance property at Irvine. They found an enormous puddle and tested out what would sink and float!

Take a peek at our galleries below to see all the fun we had in and out of the classroom!

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