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Rising Rooted: Medicinal Plants that Grow All Around You

May 21, 2022 @ 10:00 am - 12:00 pm


What does it mean to know the land? Why learn about the land around you? Learning the land where you live is about cultivating a relationship with the external and our internal environment that allows you to rise to the challenges of life by emotionally, physically, and spiritually rooting to the earth under your feet. It is also about the importance of place-based education as a radical act of climate change reversal. “Our severance from nature leaves us feeling as if we do not belong in the world, and that can be a source of anxiety and deep despair.” The simple act of working with local herbs on a daily basis can be a means of harnessing this connection again.  “If we no longer feel nurtured by the Earth, we no longer belong to it, and because we do not belong to it, we do not feel responsible for it.” – Sharon Blackie, If Women Rose Rooted

In this class we will discuss the medicinal attributes of some of the most common, even “weedy” herbs that grow in and around where you live and uncover that their curative human virtues directly mirror the remedial virtues for the land.  Ages 16+ This will be an interactive class as we will take a walk around the grounds to meet some of these inconspicuous yet powerful plant allies.

“If we surrendered to the earth’s intelligence we could rise up rooted, like trees” – Rainer Maria Rilke

Instructor: Alyssa Dennis, Clinical Herbalist

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