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Volunteer of the Month- February

February 2, 2018 - Irvine Volunteers

February’s Volunteers of the Month are the dynamic duo of Kim Berk and Tracy Thornhill!!!

Irvine’s Office Manager, Ainsley Beardwood, said “These ladies volunteer each week with the admin team and have made Wednesday mornings one of my favorite times of the week.  They are up for any project and have assisted several different departments with anything from filing to researching MSDS data to doing the prep work for special events.  While often operating behinds the scenes, they help keep us organized and running efficiently and are now pro’s when it comes to marketing mailings.  Their generosity of service and willingness to dive in wherever needed have contributed significantly to Irvine’s success.”

Kim and Tracy have been a sensational volunteer pair and are a vital part of our organization. These volunteers have a passion for service, the environment, and for Irvine’s mission was incredible!

Congratulations Kim and Tracy! Irvine Nature Center is inspired by your dedication and commitment to Irvine!

Kim Berk

Tracy Thornhill