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T. Rowe Price at Irvine…again!

July 10, 2015 - Irvine Volunteers

Last week, 13 volunteers from T. Rowe Price visited Irvine to try out a new type of log rolling! The T. Rowe team worked together to move a massive hollow log into the Outdoor Classroom. The log was too large to be moved by tractor, but with 8 volunteers working together (with direction from the remaining 5) they were able to move it to its permanent location.

That being completed, the group got to work removing the old bamboo fence around the Outdoor Classroom. Each culm (bamboo stalk) was evaluated to see if it could be reused, and new culms installed. The volunteers also removed invasive plants on the surrounding trails, including devil’s walking stick and mile-a-minute.

Finally, the team got to see Irvine from a new perspective…up on the roof! A brave group of four worked on weeding Irvine’s green roof. Weeds can easily out-compete other plants for resources, especially water, so it is very important to keep a healthy ecosystem up there.

A huge thank you to the T. Rowe Price team!