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Monarch Butterfly Release

September 15, 2019 - Latest, Preschool

Students from Irvine’s Nature Preschool and Earth Friends Homeschool Program assisted Ms. Jenna with a monarch butterfly tagging and release outside the Exhibit Hall.

They learned how the tagging process works — from how to carefully hold the butterflys’ wings to ensure they are protected to how to determine whether each butterfly is male or female — and helped Ms. Jenna carefully record the information they gathered in her log book. During this process, each butterfly received a specially-designed sticker with a serial number. These stickers are incredibly helpful for those who track monarch butterflies on their long journey to Mexico, as they help provide information about the butterfly’s origin and the day they began their journey.

Each student was offered the chance to release their butterfly on their finger…or have Ms. Jenna carefully place it on their nose for one last goodbye.