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Boys’ Latin and Garrison Forest 8th Graders at Irvine!

December 12, 2013 - Irvine Volunteers, Latest

The Boys’ Latin and Garrison Forest 8th graders visited Irvine Nature Center last week for a day of service! They were great sports while moving straw bales, pulling invasive Wineberry and moving some big rocks.

Even though the summer berries are quite delicious, Wineberry is a non-native, invasive plant. Native to Japan, China, and Korea, this non-native plant grows rapidly, crowding out neighboring plants that don’t grow as quickly. The long prickers on the plants seem a bit daunting, but with two pairs of gloves on, the students were able to pull out the plants easily!

The rocks that the students moved will eventually be use to line the garden beds in our Woodland Garden. The Woodland Garden is a native plant garden found in the woods near the Nature Center building. Lining the beds with rocks, allows visitors to see the established paths better!

Thank you to the Garrison Forest and Boys’ Latin students and chaperones for all your help! Check out the pictures below to see their hard work!