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2014 Wish List

January 1, 2014 - Support Irvine

The Nature Center is in need of the following and would welcome your donations of in-kind items:

Administrative                        Label Maker

Animal Care Supplies              Aspen bedding or Repti-bark

Animal Care Supplies              Dremel multi-tool with attachments

Animal Care Supplies              Dry dog food and/or cat food

Animal Care Supplies              Gift cards to pet stores, grocery stores, home improvement stores or large -Mart stores

Animal Care Supplies              Heat Bulbs-natural sunlight bulbs, reptile basking light bulbs

Animal Care Supplies              Natural dish soap (Seventh Generation or equivalent)

Animal Care Supplies              Scrub bruches with long handles

Animal Care Supplies              Sisal or manila rope, 3/8″ or 1/4″ diameter

Animal Care Supplies              Stand alone large bird perches

Animal Care Supplies              Stress Coat/Stress Zyme, fish water conditioners

Camping Supplies                   3, 4, and 6 person tents (new)

Camping Supplies                   4 and 6 person tent footprints

Electronics                             Portable CD Player

Maintenance & Grounds          Air compressor

Maintenance & Grounds          Angle Grinder

Maintenance & Grounds          Bow saws (6)

Maintenance & Grounds          Climbing Rope (200 feet)

Maintenance & Grounds          Electrical Cord-50 amp (50 feet)

Maintenance & Grounds          Electrical Sled

Maintenance & Grounds          Hydraulic Jack

Maintenance & Grounds          Pop-up Tents (2)

Maintenance & Grounds          Potting Soil

Maintenance & Grounds          Seed Spreader- Hand held

Maintenance & Grounds          Turf Aerator

Maintenance & Grounds          Weather station

Maintenance & Grounds          Weed Eater/Whacker (2; rechargeable or gas powered)

Outdoor Classroom                 Children’s gardening tools

Outdoor Classroom                 Children’s hand tools

Outdoor Classroom                 Galvanized pails, small and large

Outdoor Classroom                 Hedge trimmer

Outdoor Classroom                 Large chalk

Outdoor Classroom                 Large sponges

Outdoor Classroom                 Pots & pans

Outdoor Classroom                 Potting Soil

Outdoor Classroom                 Sandbox toys

Outdoor Classroom                 Wood blocks

Outdoor Classroom                 Woody Plants

Preschool Supplies                  Baskets-various sizes

Preschool Supplies                  Bins-various sizes

Preschool Supplies                  Children’s books

Preschool Supplies                  Children’s magnets

Preschool Supplies                  Children’s Music CDs

Preschool Supplies                  Children’s watering cans (2)

Preschool Supplies                  Clean eye droppers

Preschool Supplies                  Clean eye goggles

Preschool Supplies                  Clean petri dishes

Preschool Supplies                  Clean plastic test tubes

Preschool Supplies                  Corks

Preschool Supplies                  crock pot

Preschool Supplies                  Digital camera

Preschool Supplies                  Dress-up costumes/clothes

Preschool Supplies                  Fabric

Preschool Supplies                  Felt

Preschool Supplies                  Food coloring

Preschool Supplies                  Golf tees

Preschool Supplies                  Hot glue gun

Preschool Supplies                  Hot glue sticks

Preschool Supplies                  Hot Plate

Preschool Supplies                  Hula Hoops

Preschool Supplies                  Lacing cards

Preschool Supplies                  Measuring tape

Preschool Supplies                  Muffin tins (old or new)

Preschool Supplies                  Plastic Bottle caps

Preschool Supplies                  Ribbon

Preschool Supplies                  Small tossing bean bags

Preschool Supplies                  Small wooden shelf

Preschool Supplies                  Stickers (nature related)

Preschool Supplies                  Tissue paper

Preschool Supplies                  Yarn

Program Supplies                    1 Cardioid Condenser microphones

Program Supplies                    1 standard microphone cables

Program Supplies                    2 Apple iPod touch (used or new) with camera

Program Supplies                    2 microphone stands

Program Supplies                    2 speaker stands

Program Supplies                    child size binoculars

Program Supplies                     Child sized binoculars

Program Supplies                     Digital USB Microscope

Program Supplies                     Nature/Educational Movies

Program Supplies                     Planet Earth DVD set

Program Supplies                     Reusable plates, cups & utensils

Program Supplies                     Stuffed Animals/Puppets-new-ocean themed

Program Supplies                     Washable Children’s smocks

Program Supplies                     5 Awesome Aquifier Advanced Hydrogeology kits

Program Supplies                     5 KidWind Basic Turbine kits

Program Supplies                     A-Frame art easels

Program Supplies                     Buttons, fabric trims, and ric rack

Program Supplies                     Canoe rig trailer

Program Supplies                     Canoes, new or used (in good condition)

Program Supplies                     Dry erase markers

Program Supplies                     Electric potter’s wheel

Program Supplies                     Fabric swatches

Program Supplies                     Glue sticks

Program Supplies                     Milk crates

Program Supplies                     Rubbermaid storage containers 10 gallon

Program Supplies                     Seashells

Program Supplies                     Sewing Machines in good working order

Program Supplies                     Shirts and Pants-childrens sizes-for scarecrow making

Program Supplies                     Table Cloths with fall theme

Program Supplies                     Tea cups and saucers (for birthday parties)

Program Supplies                     T-Shirts (old)

Program Supplies                     Wall paper sample books or leftover wallpaper rolls

Rental Supplies                         2 large coffee urns

Rental Supplies                         3 large pitchers

Rental Supplies                         8 High Top (cocktail) Tables

Rental Supplies                         Table Cloths

Summer Camp Supplies             15 river tubes

Summer Camp Supplies             15 river tubes

Vehicles                                   2 mini-vans

Volunteer Supplies                    Packaged snacks (e.g. granola bars, crackers, chips, etc.)