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Winter Is On The Way!

December 12, 2015 - Preschool, Preschool Weekly

Winter is on the way! This unusually warm December weather may have you feeling otherwise, but the Nature Preschoolers found clues of the changing season! We observed bare branches, spotted migrating birds and discovered hibernating insects! On Thursday evening, the families joined us for our Winter Art Workshop! It was a festive night filled with community building, crafting fingers, tasty treats and tons of glitter!

Some of our most magical moments this week:

-All the classes excitedly worked on preparing family gifts for the Winter Art Workshop!
-The Bear class had a new friend join their group! They spent lots of time exploring one of their favorite spots – the outdoor classroom!
-The Chipmunk class formed a giant letter “W” with their bodies by laying down on the ground! They also created letters by manipulating milkweed and branches!
– The Coyote class participated in a drum circle using instruments from all over the world! This special activity was led by family visitors that joined our class! Thank you!
-The Flying Squirrels decided to cook a huge feast for their teachers! They drew a line in the dirt that the teachers could not pass until it was ready! They cooked up several pots  of nature deliciousness! After the feast they organized a show for their teachers and finished off their performance with a bow! What a creative bunch!
-The Fox class used charcoal from the fire ring to draw the bare branches of the trees! They also found a hibernating wooly mammoth caterpillar under a log!
-The Rabbit class went on a scavenger hunt for different textures found in nature!

Check out all the fun and more in our picture gallery below!

Waiting on winter,

Nature Preschool at Irvine Nature Center