February 19, 2016 - Preschool, Preschool Weekly

It’s that sweet time of year again and maple magic is calling! Nature Preschool has been exploring the maple sugaring process. The children were introduced to all the tools needed to collect sap. They used buckets, spiles, and hand-crank drills  to practice tapping trees! As we hiked through the winter forest the children tried to spot woodpeckers, who are especially active during the sugaring season. Inspired by the woodpecker, we sang songs and used sticks to tap rhythmic beats on the trees. We also kept our eyes out for maple trees! They were easy to spot since they had buckets hanging from them collecting sap, but we also noticed the texture of the bark, the branching patterns and the shape of the leaves on the ground underneath. Everyone was excited to hike to Irvine’s very own sugar shack to see the evaporator boiling sap into syrup!

This Sunday is our Maple Magic Brunch! Students, families and teachers come together for pancakes and a hike on the trail! This week was full of magical moments. Take a peek at our galleries for an inside look on all the fun!

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