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Snowy School Days

January 9, 2015 - Preschool, Preschool Weekly

The Nature Preschool was lucky enough to have some snow on the first week back from Winter Break! The snow had lots of animal clues just waiting for us discover! There were  tracks everywhere! We found some left by fox and deer, and followed them around the amphitheater, down hills, and to the edge of the woods. The children were busy making tracks of their own, not with their feet, but with sleds!  They had so much fun! They also impressed their teachers with how well they worked together. They held the sled to let friends safely get ready and used teamwork to carry sleds back up the hill to give others a turn. What a wonderful display of cooperation skills initiated by the children all on their own!

The cooperation didn’t end there! Homework this week was to bring in a “ice sculpture” and a vegetable! The ice sculptures were made in buckets and jars, and the families thought of some great ways to make their sculpture unique! The children worked together to combine them into one big beautiful ice sculpture! Some imagined it to be a castle,  others called it an “Ice City”, but either way it was a stunning work of art! Inside, the children chopped, stirred, and seasoned their veggies to make some delicious friendship stew! It was the perfect way to warm up after some serious snow play!

We look forward to all the fun that winter brings! See you next week!