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If I was a Snake…

March 8, 2013 - Preschool Weekly

This Week’s Adventures: We learned about snakes!

Favorite Activities: We loved meeting a real king snake and learned why it truly is “king” (it eats other snakes). We examined snake scale patterns and coloration, which was fun using real snake shed snake skin. We also pretended to be snakes by wearing pantyhose, the real trick was getting out of this skin without using our hands! We created giant snakes along the trail using found twigs. We measured snake skins and sorted them by size. We also made snake necklaces using dyed noodles!

Next’s Week’s Theme: Turtle Splash (“Tt”)

Try this at home: Make a giant snake using your body! Would you bask in the sun in the winter if you were a snake?

building a snake! a special guest puppeteer snow! snake skin at the sensory table

meeting the black rat snake making a twig snake on the trail snake things in the sensory table snake art stringing beads for snake necklace

measuring snake skin  measuring snake skin taking a winter stroll searching for resting critters are you in there, snakes?snakes like to bask