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Blankets of Leaves

November 10, 2012 - Preschool Weekly

This Week’s Adventures: A chill is in the air whispering winter will be here soon, but we continue to marvel at autumn leaves.

Favorite Activities: Ever painted with a pine needle paint brush? Or pretended to sway like a tree dropping leaves? Have you played “scratch and sniff” with tree bark? Or examined what’s hiding under piles of crinkly leaves? Students did all of this and more! We made leaf lanterns and paintings and also practiced writing “Ll” in our nature alphabet books. We counted a variety of leaf types and sorted them by shape during our hike. It was a leafy week of fun!

Next’s Week’s Theme: Grateful Hearts (“Kk”)

Try this at home: Go on a walk to search for ways animals make use of plentiful leaves. Why are all these leaves important to the animals in autumn?