Honor a Loved One. Celebrate a special event.

Irvine’s 210 acres of natural beauty offer opportunities for memorializing or honoring a loved one who found joy and peace in nature, or to celebrate a special family event.

Give the Gift of Nature

Make a donation in the name of a loved one and choose from one of these card designs.

Make your donation and select card option


Name a Tree

Irvine has identified a limited number of mature trees that may be designated as Tribute Trees for a gift of $1,000. A special plaque will be engraved with the common name of the tree, the tree’s Latin name, the individual to whom the tree is dedicated, and a short tribute from the donor. Most of the Tribute Trees will be located along the driveway or near the parking lot.

Honor & Tribute Grove

Irvine is creating a special place on Bauer Preserve where visitors can honor and appreciate individuals who share a commitment to loving, respecting and teaching others about nature. Protection from deer, equipment, and careless visitors will help ensure new trees survive and thrive. The grove can be expanded to accommodate new requests. Over time, it will become a stand of healthy, vibrant trees native to the unique ecological setting of Irvine Nature Center. Two tribute options are available:

  • Plant a Tree. A six-foot native specimen will be planted and marked with a plaque as described above. Donors may select the tree species they want from among a list of options compiled by Irvine’s naturalists. $2,500 donation.
  • Dedicate a bench. Donors may select from several styles, including stone and wood, and recommend language for engraving. $5,000 donation.


To discuss your tribute options, contact Anna Lincoln Whitehurst at 443-738-9236.