Q: What is Get Wild? 

A: Irvine Nature Center’s Get Wild campaign is an opportunity for people who love Irvine and love animals to get up-close with our Animal Ambassadors in different ways. Throughout November and December, we’ll be posting lots of animal-centric content including Facebook Live videos, photos, interviews, and more. Our goal? To increase awareness of Irvine’s Animal Ambassadors, provide educational content, and fundraise for our Animal Care Program. We think it’s a win-win for everyone!

Q: Where can I find this great content? 

A: You can jump on over to our Facebook page, Instagram account, or Twitter account. We’ll be posting Facebook Live videos with our animals every Tuesday through the end of the month, as well as other cool content that’s perfect kids and families to learn more about our animals.

Q: How can I support Irvine’s Animal Ambassadors?

A: Our Get Wild Campaign is a great way to show your love for Irvine and our Animal Ambassadors, while also getting some sweet swag. You can click here to make a small, recurring monthly donation to Irvine, or you can make a one time donation. Every little bit helps and the proceeds help our Animal Care Team provide food, medicine, vet visits, and enrichment toys for the 60+ animals in our care throughout the year.

Q: What do I get for supporting Irvine during Giving Tuesday this year? 

A: Great question! Aside from the warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing that you’re supporting a local nonprofit in your area, there are lots of great incentives for your giving this year. Signed animal photos of your favorite Animal Ambassador, a cool Animal Fact Sheet to help you learn, Irvine bumper stickers, Irvine reusable water bottles, and Irvine baseball hats all make an appearance. Not only will you get cool stuff, you can give with confidence knowing that Irvine Nature Center is rated a four-star charity through Charity Navigator – their highest rating.

Q: Which Animal Ambassadors are participating this year? 

A: We love all our Animal Ambassadors, but some are more social than others. This year, our participating Animal Ambassadors are our red tailed hawk, our screech owl, our leucistic rat snake, and our diamondback terrapin.

Q: I’d like to give this year, but I’m not interested in any of the cool swag. Can I opt out? 

A: Yes. If you’d like to make a donation and not receive swag, we support that. You can simply check the box “please don’t send swag” when you donate online and we won’t send you anything.

Q: How can I donate?

You can donate on Irvine’s website, through Facebook, or by dropping off a check in-person at Irvine. Every little bit helps and we are grateful for your support!

Q: When is Giving Tuesday this year?

A: Giving Tuesday is on November 27th this year. Don’t let the date limit you – we’d love to have your support any time in November!