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#giving tuesday

Our American Kestrel

December 1, 2014 - Animal House

Brand new to Irvine’s exhibits is an American kestrel. North America’s littlest falcon, the kestrel packs a predator’s fierce intensity into its small body. Just like other birds of prey, the kestrel is equipped with a sharp hooked beak and long talons for catching its prey. It’s one of the most colorful of all raptors:… Read more »

Weekly Green Tip – Giving

October 25, 2013 - Executive Director, Latest

Just a quick post inspired by a day bookended with conversations about giving to non-profits such as Irvine Nature Center.  We started the day with planned giving expert Paula Einaudi who has just retired from Garrison Forest School as their Director of Development.  She graciously walked us through the different ways in which we can… Read more »