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Bye Bye Butterfly!

September 20, 2017 - Animal House, Latest

Bye Bye Butterfly! With fall quickly approaching, the butterflies are getting ready to bear the winter and Irvine’s butterfly house is following suit. Irvine’s first year of running a completely catch and release butterfly house was a huge success! Visitors could see totally native butterflies drinking nectar from native plants, see caterpillars munching away on… Read more »

Woolly Bear Caterpillars

November 7, 2016 - Latest, Naturalist's Notes

Why did the Pyrrharctia isabella cross the road? It was going to REI to buy snowshoes! This particular woolly bear caterpillar (Pyrrharctia isabella) was mostly black, which is a sure sign of a fierce winter. Or is it? Most of us have heard that woolly bears can be used predict the upcoming winter. Actually, as… Read more »